About Us

Dhanashree Enterprise is driven to meet its client and stakeholder’s expectations by providing energy efficient solutions that align with each company’s requirements.
We continually pursue improvement in quality and safety by holding internal benchmarks even higher than its customers own expectations and by operating as if it were its own competition.

This, in turn, drives process improvement, system innovations, and employee advancements. Dhanashree Enterprise headquartered at Nagpur offers high-quality energy efficient solar products and services that are backed by stringent safety standards, a robust infrastructure, and a proven quality management system.

Mr. Dilip Thakre Owner of Dhanashree Enterprise developed and innovated himself solar products like solar street light, water pump and many more.
Mr. Dilip Thakre (director) always says “Quality must be like German and price must be like Chinese people” Solar Street lights lately has been on setups in Haiti, Nairobi, Indian and other places around the planet, many US cities also are selecting to go green to expand limited costs and help with the growing desire to be ecologically maintainable.

Places and states throughout the United States are looking towards solar to save energy costs and help meet their ecological durability goals. So too are colleges, businesses, slots and other people accountable for providing safe and efficient lighting for roads and highways, pathways, vehicle lots, running or bike riding tracks, and more

What we offer:-
We offer a wide range of solar equipment and products for your office and home use.

Our products range is vast and our products are 100% green energy producing products. Our product list includes :

Inverter Batteries.

Online UPS.

Automotive Batteries.

Solar Power pack.

Solar Home Light System.

Solar Off Grid System.

Solar Grid Tie System.

Solar Pumping System.

Water Level Managers

Solar Water Heater.

Heat Pump Water Heater.

Gas Water Heater.

Electric Water Heater.

Industrial Water Filtration Plant

Commercial RO Plant.

Domestic Water Purifier.

Kitchen Chimney (Domestic & Commercial)